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    Basic Outfits. Some clues: From changes in the light of sunspots , it was found that they were intensely magnetic. Only if the question arises: the atoms of each element emit light of characteristic, narrowly defined colors, their "spectral lines. During a total eclipse, the "plumes" of the corona above the poles and the "arches" above sunspot regions suggest the form of magnetic field lines near magnets. Eruptions on the Sun can cause somewhat later " magnetic storms " on Earth.

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    What suggests that the year sunspot cycle is a magnetic phenomenon? Sunspots are intensely magnetic In each sunspot cycle, the magnetic polarity order of the leading and trailing sunspots in sunspot pairs reverses. Each sunspot cycle the large-scale polar magnetic field of the Sun reverses. Note: This subject is extensively discussed in Magnetic Reversals and Moving Continents , part of an extensive web-collection "The Great Magnet, the Earth" whose home page is here. Yes, it apparently does, but at very infrequent intervals. That magnetic field is caused by electric currents in the Earth's molten core, and is observed to change slowly from year to year.

    On rare occasions, however, the dominant pattern of currents seems to reverse direction. How do we know? We know because the floor of the oceans contains fissures, caused when the sea-bottom is pulled away in opposite directions, away from them. The pulling-apart is caused by forces deep inside the Earth, and a typical speed of those "plates" is about one inch a year.

    The most famous fissure is the one running down the entire middle of the Atlantic ocean, in a roughly north-south direction but with bends and kinks. As the seafloor plates are pulled away to both sides, lava comes up from the fissure and solidifies into a black rock called basalt, which become part of those plates. However, basalt is weakly magnetic , and when it solidifes it becomes magnetized in the direction of the magnetic field existing at the time.

    Thus each part of the seafloor records the Earth's magnetism at the time it emerged from the fissure, just as the tape of a tape recorder records the magnetism of the recording head at the time it passes near it. In this way, the seafloor has recorded the magnetism of the Earth during the last million years.